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1:52 “Reflective”

My Project 52 started yesterday so I wanted to share my photo for the week. The theme for this week is “reflective.”

1:52 reflection

It is truly wondrous to see the world reflected in my little boy’s eyes. Children see things in such a different way than we do. Innocent. New. Exciting. As he grows older, it is especially humbling to see myself reflected in these eyes. I have seen the good and the bad parts of me magnified as he watches what I do and reflects it back in his own child-like way.

heather - Good luck on your project 52! Love this shot!

Alexis - That is so cool!!!!

katie - What a great take on the theme. And I’m a total fan of close-ups. :)

SHilan - Love the feel of this shot. So intense

Summer - Lovely image. Good luck with your project 52! :)

Rebeccah - gorgeous!

emily - I love this!

Analiese - Love!

Heidi Kapust - Amazing! Gorgeous image!

Lisa - Gorgeous!

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2014 Projects

I love taking pictures. I get so excited about photo shoots that I come home, neglect my family, and edit right away! BUT. When it comes to taking photographs for myself, I’m afraid I kinda suck at it. I rarely pull out my “nice camera” and take pictures of my kids doing normal, everyday stuff. So, in 2014 I have decided to join in on a couple of photography projects. One is a Project 52 where I will be taking a photograph every week based on a topic the group moderator gives us. If you want to join in on this click here. The other project I will be working on is, Letters to My Children. I have joined in with a great group of ladies for a blog circle where we will feature photographs and personal letters to our children.

I am so excited for these personal photography projects as well as shooting some awesome client work next year! My hope is that picking up my camera at least once a week will help me improve my technical skills as well as give me motivation to shoot for me more!

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Merry Christmas!


I can’t believe how fast this year went by! Our family has had so many big things happen for us in 2013.

At the beginning of the year, Weston finished up interviewing for residency programs, and in March we found out that we will be heading to Rochester, NY this coming summer for his residency in radiology! Then, in May, he graduated from medical school (woo hoo!). He is now halfway done with the hardest year of his training, and we are looking forward to the end of intern year:)

I have been keeping myself plenty busy with the kiddos. We found out I was pregnant at the end of 2012 and then found out it was a girl in February! Things have been pretty crazy with Weston gone all the time, but we are surviving. I have started doing photography more regularly now that I feel like I have the hang of this 3 kid thing. I am looking forward to expanding my business and booking more photo shoots when we move to Rochester!

He was very sad when two of his best friends moved away this past summer. He had so much fun doing preschool with them and they were such good little playmates. Luckily, we moved into a new house right down the street from another great friend! Jackson is in another preschool group this year, and he loves it so much and can’t wait to go to “real preschool” next year. We tried and failed playing soccer in the spring, because he was “too shy,” but now he is in t-ball and loves it so much!

Mr. Carter has changed so much this year. He started walking in February and has been completely accident prone ever since! He broke is arm in May which was not too fun for any of us because it kept him out of the pool for most of the summer. His verbal skills have taken off (even though most people can’t understand a word he says) and he loves to chat me up all day long. He loves playing with Jackson so much and gets really sad whenever Jackson leaves for school.

Miss Hayley Mae joined our family in July, 5 weeks before her due date. She came into this world in dramatic fashion, and her flair for the dramatic hasn’t stopped. She is a really good baby and definitely a mama’s girl. She cries whenever I put her down until I tell her to “stop the drama” then she quiets down and smiles at me. Her brothers absolutely adore her. Jackson loves to talk and play with her all the time, and she eats up all the attention. I sure love having another girl in the family!

We are so excited for all of the new things to come for us in 2014! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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An Exciting Announcement!

In June of 2014, I will be relocating to Rochester, New York! I am so excited about this move, and even more excited about some new things happening with my business!
That being said, I am pleased to announce Nicole Caywood Photography’s spokesmodel program for the graduating class of 2015!!
I am now accepting applications for my senior spokesmodel program. All current juniors who will be graduating in 2015  in the Fairport, Brighton, Pittsford, Penfield, and Henrietta areas are eligible to apply.


Here’s what you need to do:
– be super outgoing, fun, and willing to talk about your experience with Nicole Caywood Photography to ALL of your friends!
-get your parents permission to apply
-send an email to that includes your name, age, hobbies, extra curricular activities, and a current photo of yourself
Here’s what you’ll get if you’re chosen:
-a full (1-2 hour) senior session with Nicole Caywood Photography ($125 value)
– gallery with 25-30 images
-disk of 10 watermarked, lo res images for internet use ( $200 value)
-yearbook photo
– “rep cards” with your photos and my info on them to pass out to your friends
-an opportunity to get ALL of your hi-res images for FREE and other HUGE referral incentives!
Here’s what’s expected of you:
– have your photos taken before the 2014 school year starts
– use one of your photos as your Facebook profile picture throughout the entire school year
-plaster your photos all over your Facebook/Instagram/other social media sites
-hand out your “rep cards” to all of your friends at school (you will earn your incentives through each rep card brought back to me)
I will be choosing 2-3 spokesmodels per high school. I want to really get to know each of my models and make this a really fun experience for everyone! I am so excited about this, and I hope you all are too! I can’t wait to hear from you:)

Hia - Hi! I’m currently a junior at Brighton High School. Do I just need to email you a recent picture of myself? Do you have any preferences for the photo?

Cat - Yeah I was wondering that too. Does the picture we send to you have to be a specific type of photo?

Kate - Is there any chance you might include Irondequoit in future years?

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My Turn!

I never get in front of the camera. I am like everyone else and don’t like the way I look in photos half the time so I just stay safely behind the lens:)Well, I realized the other day that we don’t have very many pictures of me and the kids, so I wanted to rectify that! My oh so talented husband took these for me so my kids will remember who I am in the future 😉
family_14 And here is my handsome hubby with his baby girl. Can you tell he is totally smitten with her? family_29family_28
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f a c e b o o k