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Letters to My Children: Carter


Dear Carter,

Oh, my little Carter bug, where do I even start? You have had a special place in my heart since the day you were born. Before we came home from the hospital I had never heard you cry. You were the calmest, quietest little thing I had ever seen! I can vividly remember the first time I heard your signature blood-curdling scream. You were about two days old, Daddy was working a night shift, and you woke me up in the middle of the night making the loudest noise for such a tiny person! It scared me half to death. As it turns out, that’s just your favorite noise to make. You scream when you’re happy, you scream when you’re mad, and you scream when you’re sad. It drives me crazy and I’m pretty sure I will be deaf by the time you move out of the house, but it’s part of what makes you, you.

I have always had such a hard time getting mad at you (which kinda bugs your brother I think). Your little face and those big eyes just melt my heart into a little puddle at my feet! You have the sweetest little personality. You love to cuddle and give people hugs. You are so sensitive, and you hate seeing other people hurting. You also have a fiesty side! You can hold your own when Jackson picks on you, and sometimes you are even the instigator! You are my little dare devil. I’m pretty sure I am going to get some gray hairs watching you explore this great big world with your “no fear” attitude!

Carter, I want you to know how much I love you. You are the middle child, so I’m sure you will feel left out or forgotten sometimes, but you will always be my little snuggle bug! You are so special, and our family just wouldn’t be complete without you in it. Jackson loves to play with you (even though he gets frustrated sometimes). I hope you boys will become great friends one day and be good influences on each other. You and Hayley are so close in age and will only be one grade apart in school, so I want you to watch over her. She loves her brothers so much and will be looking to you as her example. Be a good one.

You are an amazing little boy, and I am so excited to watch you learn and grow. I can’t wait to see what you become.




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Meredith Bernard - I love these words and images of your “middle” child, Nicole. He sounds like a fun little man and sweet, to boot! I love how you say your family wouldn’t be complete without him in it…how true. And he will love hearing you say that in this letter one day…Look forward to next months images and letter. 😉

Ashlyn - Awwww. He’s adorable and what you’ve written is so sweet. :)

Meg - What a sweet little boy. I too have a screech owl and it’s loud and fierce, happy, sad, angry it’s always a reason to scream in his book. That is nice you took a few minutes to recognize the stigma associated with being a middle child. He will love this.

Anna - That is so sweet. I love your pictures from the playground. That is my son’s favorite place to be.

Maryrose - I couldn’t help buy smile at your words. I imagine he’ll get a smile out of it too when he reads it one day. He is adorable, screaming and all! :)

Tracy - Oh my – I can completely relate to that having a screamer as a baby! My daughter was the same way! Oh and – HI neighbor!! I know exactly where you took those photos, and live only a few blocks away! We should meet up!

Tiffany Kelly - Awww what a sweet letter Nicole! I know that feeling when it’s hard to be mad at your cutie pie :)

rachel - These images are so sweet. I love what you’ve written about him. He will love seeing and reading his history from your eyes one day!

Jessica - Sweet letter! Loved reading it.

Alyssa - My son is a screamer too, lol! I love your images!

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Trahan Family | Houston-Area Family Photographer


I first met this gorgeous family when Nancy was pregnant. And now look how big their little guy is!! Last time I saw him, he was only 2 months old, and now he is an adorable, energetic two-year-old. I had so much fun with these guys at Discovery Green. They are such a great family and you can just feel how much they love each other.


Kate - What adorable photos! I love the face of the little boy in the second image!

Kensie - Gorgeous family and photos!

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Jon and Amelia | Houston-Area Family Photographer

I have known Jon and Amelia since we moved to Houston, and I am going to be so sad when we move this summer because they are really awesome friends! Jon is finishing up his PhD in Environmental Engineering this May, so they wanted some photos to commemorate their time in Houston. I heard about this location from a fellow photographer, and we thought it would be a perfect place for this particular set of photos. Enjoy!



Kensie - Beautiful photos!!!!

Ashlyn Perkins - These are fantastic!

Kate - What a fun looking session! I just adore the second one!

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